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Comments Off on BaixoPreco.com SOLD for $6,000

BaixoPreco.com SOLD for $6,000

| domains sold | March 10, 2014



The domain name BaixoPreco.com “Low price” in Portuguese SOLD for $6,000. The domain was purchased on 1/20/11 for only $7.50… not a bad investment.

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Comments Off on Apartments.com SOLD for $585 Million in Cash

Apartments.com SOLD for $585 Million in Cash

| domains sold | March 3, 2014


Apartments.com the business was sold for $585 million. The current owner put out a press release announcing the sale today. The registrant info has not yet changed according to whois records.

Apartments.com was registered in 1996, interestingly the domain had dropped two times before. The seller Classified Ventures also owns Cars.com

What is your big domain idea?

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Comments Off on Domain Name Volei.com SOLD for $25,500

Domain Name Volei.com SOLD for $25,500

| domains sold | March 1, 2014


Earlier this year the domain name Volei.com SOLD for $25,500. Great domain for the sport… The new owner also owns Esporte.com, Futebol.com and Basquete.com.

Got a great idea for a domain name? … Sell it now, next domain could be yours!

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Comments Off on NewYorkRoofing.com SOLD for $3,000

NewYorkRoofing.com SOLD for $3,000

| domains sold | February 26, 2014


The domain name NewYorkRoofing.com SOLD for $3,000.

Got a great domain idea? Sell it now.

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