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TeaBox.com SOLD for $30,000

| domains sold | March 14, 2014

Teabox-com SOLD for 30000

The domain TeaBox.com SOLD for $30,000 in June 2013 and now is raising around $1 million in seed funding.

Since it was launched, TeaBox has shipped around 10,000 kg of teas, equivalent to around 5 million cups across 65 countries. This year, the shipment could treble to around 30,000 kg of teas or up to 14 million cups when served. In its top four markets of Russia, US, Canada and Australia, TeaBox’s average order value is around $110 for each package.

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TIP #4 – SUPER FAST Way to Sell Domain Name…

| Ideas For Sale | March 4, 2014

TIP #4 – Facebook Awesomeness… we have also attracted buyers from Facebook by just promoting to a specific group or by just researching potential buyers and let them know that the domain is for sale. We have also started using ATTRACTIVE IMAGES with a short message about the domain for sale and send visitors direct to our sales page. Win Win!


We love the power of Facebook because when people like the image and start sharing with their friends, they are helping you promote your domain for sale… and it’s free! Check some examples on our Facebook fan page at Facebook.com/sellingdomains… and make sure you LIKE US!

REMEMBER that NOTHING will happen if you don’t do anything and don’t take action. You can save this page in your favorites and use as your guide or checklist to sell your domains online. Or if you want to sell your domain fast and need help, we are here and would love to help you.

So, here is what you do next…

You only need to register here right now (it’s free). Then you can create your own domain sales page (this takes less than 5 minutes). Once your page is ready and online at SellDomains.co you can start receiving offers direct at your email box and we will help you promote your domain for sale. We DO NOT charge any commissions or success fees when you sell your domains. You will deal directly with the buyer. Click here to see our pricing.

We hope you have enjoy this article and we hope to work with you soon.

Any question email us directly at support@selldomains.co

Just in case you miss TIP #3, check here

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TIP #3 – SUPER FAST Way to Sell Domain Name…

| Ideas For Sale | March 4, 2014

#3 – Twitter Hashtags… you will be surprise how many people we reach on twitter even if you don’t have a lot of followers. Just make sure you include #hashtags related to your domain.


When we help our clients promote their domains to over 5,000 followers on our @SellDomainsCo twitter page at NO ADDITIONAL COST, we always use the following hashtags, #Domains #GoDaddy #Startup #Entrepreneur or if the domain is related to Travel… we include #Travel #TravelTips hashtags… this will help get your message in front of TARGETED potential buyers in the niche and it’s free!

Another great way to promote your sales page and it’s absolutely free is to use TIP #4 here

Just in case you miss TIP #2, check here

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TIP #2 – SUPER FAST Way to Sell Domain Name…

| Sell Domain Name | March 4, 2014

TIP #2 – Create Your Sales Page… Another HUGE MISTAKE that we see all of the time when people want to sell their domains is that when you go to visit the site, you see the registrar default page. Which is great to promote the registrar but does absolute nothing for you.


… or even worst, you see the useless 404 or Not Found error page. It is CRUCIAL to create a sales page with a lead capture or just a simple contact form so people can EASILY email you offers. Just that alone for sure is THE BEST WAY to increase the potential in selling your domain fast.

Another GENIUS WAY and super fast is just to forward your domain to your own sales page here at SellDomains.co. We have already a built-in contact form ready to go and you can start receiving offers direct by email in literally SECONDS… as soon as your sales page is up online you can start getting offers. No joke!


In addition, we make sure your domain sales page is 100% optimized and looks good on search engines and is ready to attract potential buyers. When you LIST your domain for sale with us at SellDomains.co we automatically optimize your sales page so people when searching your domain they will see your link on the top of ORGANIC results and they will be able to notice immediately that your domain is FOR SALE!

It just makes selling domain much faster by allowing potential buyers to easily finding your domain sales page on TOP of search results and showing that your domain is currently for sale.

That’s Awesome!


So you have your sales page ready to go, you will need to start getting the word out and start promoting your domain sales page. Don’t worry, we love to help our clients and we can help you too.

Now let’s start the buzz with a SUPER targeted promotion on TIP #3 here

Just in case you miss TIP #1, check here

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SUPER FAST Way to Sell Domain Name…

| Sell Domain Name | March 4, 2014

Got a great domain name that you want to sell fast?

Here are some EXTREMELY EASY TIPS that will help you sell your domain name SUPER FAST! You can use this information as a checklist to help get it done right every time you want to sell your domains. In addition, you will learn how to promote your domains like a pro.

That’s why you have to…

TIP #1 – Stop Hiding… when you register your domain name, make sure you don’t choose PRIVATE whois and hide your contact information from potential buyers. This will make very difficult to let buyers contact you and make you a solid offer on your domain. We have always recommend to our clients to let everyone to see their contact info and show that their domains are for sale and how they can get in touch with them. If you don’t want to use your own personal email or phone number, you can create a new email and use Skype or Google voice phone numbers for that. It’s easy and it’s free.

We also recommend changing your company name and add a “Domain For Sale” sign. You will be surprise on the number of people that checks the WHOIS information when they are interested in buying the domain name. So why not try to sell to them first!


Now remember that before potential buyers check the whois information on the domain, most likely they will first check to see if the domain is developed by going directly to the URL.

That’s why you need TIP #2 here

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