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TIP #4 – SUPER FAST Way to Sell Domain Name…

| Ideas For Sale | March 4, 2014

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TIP #4 – Facebook Awesomeness… we have also attracted buyers from Facebook by just promoting to a specific group or by just researching potential buyers and let them know that the domain is for sale. We have also started using ATTRACTIVE IMAGES with a short message about the domain for sale and send visitors direct to our sales page. Win Win!


We love the power of Facebook because when people like the image and start sharing with their friends, they are helping you promote your domain for sale… and it’s free! Check some examples on our Facebook fan page at Facebook.com/sellingdomains… and make sure you LIKE US!

REMEMBER that NOTHING will happen if you don’t do anything and don’t take action. You can save this page in your favorites and use as your guide or checklist to sell your domains online. Or if you want to sell your domain fast and need help, we are here and would love to help you.

So, here is what you do next…

You only need to register here right now (it’s free). Then you can create your own domain sales page (this takes less than 5 minutes). Once your page is ready and online at SellDomains.co you can start receiving offers direct at your email box and we will help you promote your domain for sale. We DO NOT charge any commissions or success fees when you sell your domains. You will deal directly with the buyer. Click here to see our pricing.

We hope you have enjoy this article and we hope to work with you soon.

Any question email us directly at support@selldomains.co

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