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How I Turned a $10 URL into a Multi-Million Dollar Business

| Sell Domain Name | January 25, 2016

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How I Turned a $10 URL into a Multi-Million Dollar Business

This is a great success story from FreeConferenceCall.com CEO David Erickson

More than a decade ago, I decided to purchase a $10 URL that would change my life – and my customers’ lives – forever. Throughout the process of growing a start-up without private equity or venture capital, I learned a lot about bootstrapping and mentoring strong talent. Surrounding myself with industry leaders has always been the key to my success. My company grew partially because the recipe was right for success and partially because we started a movement. I knew back in 2001 that word of mouth was absolutely imperative when trying to turn an idea into profit. I was always an “idea guy” and as I began putting those ideas in action and seeing results (especially making money), it created a strong desire to do it again and again.

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