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How To Create a Killer “Domain For Sale” Landing Page

| Sell Domain Name | October 23, 2014

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One of my favorite and most important things in online marketing is the landing page. You hear over and over that you MUST have a landing page if you want to sell a product, promote a service or just get people to subscribe to your newsletter.

Creating an effective landing page is not always easy. If you have been struggling or lacking time, don’t worry… I am going to give you a few tips on how to get it done in less than 10 minutes.

You have seen how most people are currently showcasing their domains for sale.  You maybe wondering why they don’t sell or even receive any offers.

This is a classic “landing page” mistake that only accomplishes one thing. Having the page promote someone else’s business (for free)

Even worse is the following example…

That’s another useless “landing page”. Now, before you say anything… have you EVER clicked on those ads? So why would you want to share YOUR ad revenue with them? (and that is “IF” someone clicks on it) …WHY?

Now let me show you a killer landing page, and why in just a second.

This killer landing page has a built-in image slider that allows you to showcase why your domain is SUPER AWESOME, and why someone should make an offer.

This is just one of the thousands WordPress themes available that you can find online. You can find paid or even free WordPress themes that can easily be customized to for your domain.

After you find the perfect theme for your domain and install it

…you need to direct your site visitors toward the action you want them to take.

This is where calls-to-action come in. On a website, a call-to-action (CTA) is a concise, eye-catching element that asks site visitors to take a desired action. An online store might ask visitors to “Buy Now,” or “Buy Now and Save 30%!”; and a magazine might ask visitors to “Read the Latest Issue.”

This sounds obvious, but you’d be surprised how many websites neglect to say what exactly they’d like their visitors to do. I won’t go over too many details on CTA here, but you got the point.

Below I have a simple banner popup that clearly states one huge benefit of my domain and tells visitors that the domain is currently available for sale and asks them to take an action.

In addition, because this particular domain can be used in different languages, I let visitors know that I can speak those languages as well and that I am ready to help.

Go now and view the live landing page here.

Now if the visitor shows interest, they will click on the popup (97% of targeted visitors do click) and go directly to my contact form.

… and here are the strategies:

1) Shows a huge benefit about the domain name

2) States that the domain is available for sale now

3) Gives a call-to-action why this domain is a great investment

4) Allows them to contact the owner directly

Once they take the first action by clicking on the popup banner, it is much easier for them to take another action. The desired action now is to make an offer on the domain name. And that’s what I do in the “contact me” page

Remember, the #1 goal in the contact page is to get an offer. You can list up to 10 benefits of the domain name and why it is a great investment.

So, here is why this Killer “Domain For Sale” Landing Page WORKS for me!

#1 It is 100% clear that the domain name is for sale, and the domain is being represented by a professional seller.

#2 The seller’s contact information is listed clearly so a potential buyers can easily contact the seller or site owner directly and not the website designer or administrator.

#3 Having the seller’s image on the page helps buyers to “connect” with the seller before contacting. There’s probably a very good reason why most real estate agents have their photos on listing pages, signage, and business cards.

#4 I can display sponsored ads (for which I have received $1 to $3 per 1 click) that help me pay for the domain renewals and use paid advertising to attract targeted buyers.

I hope you enjoy this information and it can add value to your business and help you sell your domains super fast.

Alex DaCosta is an Entrepreneur and founder of SellDomains.co, the easiest and the most affordable (now free!) domain name classifieds that allows domain investors to buy, sell and trade domains directly… NO commissions and NO success fees. Visit SellDomains.co for details.

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